A cute hairstyle tutorial for layered AG doll hair

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D I hope it helped! I am not really good at tutorials and I definitely learned the doll with brown hair don’t show up very well on camera! Shout out goes to…

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21 Responses to “A cute hairstyle tutorial for layered AG doll hair”

  1. InnerstarUStudios829 says:

    I ❤ it!! I will do this on my layered hair doll :D

  2. TheAGlover555 says:

    My sis wants 47 is that her do u recomend her

  3. musicalAGs says:

    Great! :D I really hope it turns out. XD

  4. musicalAGs says:

    YES! Don’t tell my other dolls this but she is one of my favorites! She is
    ADORABLE!!! She is one of the easiest dolls I have to take care of. :D

  5. TheAGlover555 says:

    Lol kk it’s are little secret ha ha thx

  6. musicalAGs says:

    :D lol

  7. TheAGlover555 says:


  8. 284aglover says:

    LOVE IT!!!:D soooo cute!!!!:)

  9. musicalAGs says:

    Lol, Good night and Thank you! :D

  10. musicalAGs says:

    Thanks :D

  11. musicalAGs says:

    Wait, what does that mean? Lol, :P

  12. MicaEmily says:

    coooool x)

  13. musicalAGs says:

    Lol, :P You are funny

  14. musicalAGs says:

    Lol, :P

  15. musicalAGs says:

    Cool! :D

  16. musicalAGs says:

    Thanks, :D

  17. InnerstarUStudios829 says:

    :D Do you want me to make a video/review about it? <3

  18. musicalAGs says:

    Sure, if it is a good one. Lol :P

  19. AGLavender says:

    This is really cute! Thanks for making a tutorial on that hairstyle

  20. musicalAGs says:

    Thanks sooo much! :D

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