Best Hairstyles For Guys

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25 Responses to “Best Hairstyles For Guys”

  1. Josh Wilson says:

    What about cow licks 

  2. brian fladez says:

    SHY means follower. Girls don’t like followers.
    They want to bear the LEADERS babies. It’s instinct. They can’t help it.
    Don’t chase them, make them chase you.
    Never give them their way.
    They want what they can’t have.
    This is why the “assholes” get the hottest chick and the “nice guys” are
    left jerking off while using their tears as lube.
    I realized all this after reading the guide on Complete Women Controller
    Pretty good read for sure!

  3. MihalisNavara says:

    I have short straight hair, a little longer at the top and a little more
    above the forehead. When I dry them after having shower, I pick it up, so
    whet it dries, it stays there. So, when I want to go out, I just use a
    little gel and in a couple of minutes my hairstyle is ready.

  4. charlie gama says:

    Im scene so if i have long hair it makes me a girl?!?!?

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    wow you actually did an “African American” style I’m impressed! although I
    more learned what not to do than what to do 

  6. erich2780 says:

    My haircut is a taper fade

  7. Ian Gatica says:

    I’m rocking a undercut sides shorts the top pretty long not to long

  8. Caitlyn Manes says:

    I like pillow hair

  9. Ryan Hall says:

    I got a sorta skater look but I mainly wear beanies so people rarely see my

  10. Sean Williams says:

    I had the curly skater hair and LOVED IT with the side wings and all but
    then i buzzed and spiked my hair. Loving it

  11. Takadatsu says:

    I have curly black natural long hair but daaamn is so hard to keep it cool
    ,so think i will cut it caesar… xD

  12. RobbieRobertson120 says:

    What about hair which is naturally spiky?

  13. xPosiJosh says:

    I hate these girls so much like seriously how old are??

  14. Jared Thompson says:

    Omg u had a pic of Kurt Cobain I love nirvana !!!!!!! XD

  15. vivianne ramirez says:

    Hey wing girls what does “nice guys finish last “mean

  16. Russell Nielsen says:

    You didn’t talk about men with receding hair!! Do you suggest the buzz cut?
    The bald look? Or the Terry Bradshaw look where the top is completely bald
    and there’s hair on the sides and back? Be honest and be nice because most
    men with receding hair can be very self-conscious. 

  17. Miguel Hinojosa says:

    What about long and curly in one style

  18. mohammed alnajrani says:

    what about being bald 

  19. James Bruinsma says:

    I have super straight long hair and I can’t do any “styles” with it so what
    should I do?

  20. Caitlyn VanOrder says:

    SHEMAR MOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Omfg I love him ♥

  21. NSNewcomeR says:

    I have straight hair, growing it out. a lot of it covers my face though and
    i just part it in the middle of my face

  22. Kristian M. Dena says:

    Hey guys its Christian from Baltimore again um I have pretty hair and if I
    don’t do this every summer I will die from heat stroke it so thick I’ve
    been in the punk rock since I was 16 years old its great its our lifestyle
    it’s a music that fits your inner angst it’s a way of life man and it’s
    great for people who tended to buck the system consciously or unconsciously
    anyway enough of that my point is every summer I get a mohawk I don’t put
    it up anymore because I’m too old for that I get one nonetheless I just
    keep it down and put some hair putty in it so it looks a little chunky but
    I do that because I need to shave my head to cool myself down but I don’t
    wanna have a completely shaved head like I did in jail because I think I
    look a little strangish with a totally shaved head maybe I can show you
    some pictures one day thanks tell me what you think see ya girls

  23. Husn Ali says:

    i need some advice, I have really black thin hair, I shave my fringe off to
    create a ‘box’ shape and I have small spikey hair on top. my facial hair is
    a thin strip of hair running across my jaw and then links up with the
    goatee. should I keep this or change it

  24. Wizard says:

    What about black guys??

  25. jack bower says:

    amen!! great video. and this is world wide. all women love masculine hair. 

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