DIY how to messy fishtail braid/plait hairstyle

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DIY how to messy fishtail braid/plait hairstyle Twitter: @fionce Instagram: fionce_ Tumblr: Facebook: …

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20 Responses to “DIY how to messy fishtail braid/plait hairstyle”

  1. Saerina Page says:

    Great look, love your hair :) xxoo

  2. ittsabaadhabiit says:

    Gorgeous!:)I was wondering if you can do a hair care routine,ABOUT YOUR RED
    HAIR,how you refresh it,how long it keeps,products..etc It would mean so
    much,cause I’m going red soon,and I want it to last! Thankyou:)

  3. Coco Enriquez says:

    Love your red hair ! Keep going with the tutorials, they’re awesome x

  4. fiionsan says:

    yes they will be coming soon within the next few weeks! stay tuned :D

  5. fiionsan says:

    aww thank u, ur singing is also amazing!! love seeing girls with talent and
    ambition! ;)

  6. Binh Dang says:

    Good work Cus

  7. Marissa Farias says:

    You’re so beautiful, omg. That red hair looks beautiful on you.

  8. sexyasacow says:

    Your stunning!! And so is your hair. Lucky girl

  9. Mayra Duran says:

    Ur soo beautiful (:

  10. Tamara Alfred says:


  11. FlexiDancer101 says:

    You are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bonu shi says:

    Thank you so much, very cool.

  13. sammiemarie14 says:

    ur beautiful! XD

  14. samantha flores says:

    omg your hair is so pretty

  15. aqua cutey says:

    ❤️The colour of ur hair

  16. Niebo Pandeh says:

    so pretty :C

  17. Gabriela Linguinii says:


  18. adalbertoestrada says:

    Why did u do ur hair like that I like it though

  19. Juliana Contreras says:

    I’m going to subscribe !!!!

  20. Снежана К says:

    i like <3

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